Sunday, November 04, 2007

Today's Project(s)

I had this post all planned -- I was going to show you the programmable thermostat I planned on installing today. I bought the thermostat, worked up a sweat getting it out of its packaging, and read the instructions. No problem. I was about to go flip some breakers (the better to not be electrocuted while playing with electricity) when I noticed that a mini-CD was included in the packaging. I slid it into the CD slot of my iBook.

Oops! So here's a picture of my first project of the day:

CD slot

What was I thinking? The CD's size is "non-standard, " so it won't go all the way in, but it also can't be ejected. I've tried the eject button, I've tried tweezers, I've tried holding the iBook up and gently shaking. No luck. sigh.... How annoying will it be to have to my 3 1/2 year old iBook serviced for the first time just to get a stuck CD out?

At this point there was really no reason not to install the thermostat, but I decided to knit a bit instead. Knitting Relaxes Me, remember? Here's project number two:

Honeybee Stole -- the beginning

That's a bit of the first 20 rows of the Honeybee Stole. Note that the first pale blue row is a provisional cast-on, not some sort of weird contrast edging!

And then I ran to the mall to get my perfume refilled, decided while I was there to see Michael Clayton (very good!), and came home after dark. I'm pretty sure that the thermostat will have to wait until next weekend, since it's definitely a daytime project.


Courtney said...

I often resort to tweezers to get CDs out of the player in my car. I've found that hitting the player from above as I'm pushing the eject button often makes the CD pop out. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

For the next time, it will run in your CD drive on your computer. Good luck getting it out.

Bezzie said...

Well on the plus side it doesn't seem to be interfering with the operation of your computer!

Nice start to your stole!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get that cd out soon. That would frustrate the crap out of me!

AndreaLea said...

I must know. What's on the CD? Is it instructions for installation (that would be extremely annoying) or just some other stuff?
Your stole looks really nice!

Chris said...

Is there a tiny hole somewhere around the cd drive? A paperclip could trigger that "emergency release" if so.

If that's a Honeywell thermostat, I don't remember the cd adding any value beyond the printed documentation that came with it. My brother was crabby about that!

Anonymous said...

But the real question is, did you ever get the CD out?

Kim said...

Um, yeah those mini-discs never work in the Mac computers. I will send Big Boy the link to your blog to see if he has any helpful advice since I am pretty sure we have done the same thing.