Saturday, November 03, 2007


Did you know that, until the 16th century, this season we're in now was called Harvest? As more people in England moved into cities and became less closely affiliated with farming, they began calling it Autumn (from the French word automne) or Fall. The word Fall fell out of common use in England, but those who came to America continued to use it. Or at least that's what Wikipedia says!

And Fall is really here. When I got into my car at about 8:45 this morning, I saw this


and this!


When I lived in San Antonio, I got homesick every Fall. I didn't miss Winter, but I really missed Fall. In San Antonio, Fall foliage is rare; in fact, the leaves of the native oak tend to turn brown in late Autumn, but don't fall off until late Winter or early Spring. (You think you hate raking leaves in November? Imagine doing it in March!) Not too far from San Antonio, there's a state park called Lost Maples. In good years, the maples there (truly "lost" because they shouldn't be growing that far south) change colors.

Now that I'm back in the Midwest, I've looked forward to Fall. This is not supposed to be a good year for leaves, but I've found some.

Between Hardin and UIHC

City Park

City Park

City Park

City Park

The first picture was taken between my library and the UI Hospitals and Clinics. The rest were taken at Iowa City's City Park, which is beautiful year-round. The river in the last picture is the Iowa. In the park, the banks are low. I don't know if that means that the park floods at times. On campus, the river banks are much steeper.

City Park

There were lots of ducks on the river today. When this group saw me, they came running. Obviously, they expect humans to bring food! As I walked back across the park road to my car, they followed me to the curb. The little fellow in the front was still standing there as I pulled away.

City Park


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

I love Fall and always missed it when we lived in SA. We have Fall down here though it's sort of overshadowed by the drought.

Enid said...

I think these pics are great.
I miss the fall leaves as well, so thanks for sharing. ;)

Bezzie said...

Yup. I never realized how tied to the seasons I was until I spent "fall" and "winter" in San Antonio!

I'm revelling in fall this year too!

Kim said...

Having been in that area at Thanksgiving, last year, I can tell you that 32 is warm!

We didn't get fall this year. We had summer, then no-so-summer and now winter. We have had falling leaves and pine needles for a few weeks now - the dogs likes to bring them in for Piglet to eat :-)

Chris said...

Great pictures! You're probably lucky those ducks didn't take you down to search your pockets. ;)

Yeah, that cold weather in September really confused a lot of trees and stretched things out a lot.

Amysatx said...

Thanks for scratching my "Fall/Autmn/Harvest" scenery itch! The pictures are beautiful! Sorry if this is a repeat, the verification letters aren't liking me today.

Anonymous said...

I'm a summer gal. Not crazy about fall, winter or spring. Now if it could be fall and be 85 degrees...that would be heaven.

Anonymous said...

the fall pics were beautiful and my husband got soooo tickled at the duck pics. he said the lil one at the curb looked like he was saying "come back, come back" awwww sooo cute.

Stacie said...

Iowa City is awesome!! I am from SoCal, where they haven't had any measurable rain in 2 years! Yuck! I love fall here in the Midwest, and I love listening to Garrison Kehlor (sp?) go on about it too!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I'm really homesick. :(

AndreaLea said...

Aren't the ducks great! We used to go sit by the river with a loaf of bread and feed them. They'll come and sit in your lap if you have bread. :)

ZaftigWendy said...

Oh, Janna - now you've gone and made me homesick. I been in all those places, and I swear I recognize some of the trees!