Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Too Many (blurry) WIPs

Warning: Blurry pictures tonight!

Y'all know that I hope to have the Honeybee Stole done by Christmas.

A little more Honeybee Stole

That's the first 37 rows -- not a whole lot more than last time you saw it. There are 200 rows in this section. And 200 more at the other end. And a whole lot more in between. I should be knitting right now.

So, what did I do this evening? Due to the bad influence of Bezzie, I cast on for a Calorimetry. I'm using Poems by Wisdom Yarns (color number 549), a yarn I had never seen before I bought it at Nanncy's in Springfield, IL.


The color is bad -- it's actually pink and purple (surprise!). Really, though, my ears got cold this morning, but it's not quite cold enough for the "Nanook of the North" look. I have several more skeins of this -- I'm thinking mittens, too.

And if that weren't enough, I'm still working on Mim's Serpentine Mitts

Serpentine Mitts

and the plain vanilla, stockinette Illini socks.

Illini socks

These were supposed to be bus knitting, but the bus ride is bumpy and crowded and, in the evening, dark, none of which is conducive to my knitting.

I've also got the Gansey socks on the needles, but it's gone into hibernation for now.

Gansey sock

Apparently, I am not knit-monogamous.


Chris said...

Are you knitting the Calorimetry as written? I know I didn't, because I'd read how huge it turns out if so... I wore mine earlier today!

Bezzie said...

Yeah it sounds like (judging from my comments yesterday) that most people if they cast on the 120, they knit it on smaller needles. I cast on 100 and knit it on the size 8's like the pattern says. I had to frog twice though before 100 did it.

And you'll have poems on your head! Hee!

It works great in Nanook of the North weather too!

Anonymous said...

After reading Bezzie's post I went looking for yarn for Calorimetry. It's actually cold here!!