Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've got (almost) nothin'

I knew this day would come and, frankly, thought it might come earlier. Even though I have a sticky note stuck to my computer with a list of bloggable ideas (mostly non-knitting), I guess I'm not in the mood. So you're going to get some randomness.

Randomness #1:
I don't like reality TV. At all. I have reality all around me; why would I want to watch it on TV?

However, I'm addicted to both Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway. I'm always quick to explain how neither of those are really true reality show. They're both about professionals -- dancers and entertainment professionals (usually) on DWTS and designers on PR.

So, this week is pretty special -- DWTS is down to four couples and PR is starting up. At this point, I'd be happy for any of the remining DWTS couples to win, although I'll admit Marie Osmond is my favorite. She's not the best dancer on the show but her personality shines through. She really looks like a fun person.

Project Runway starts tomorrow night and, if it's like previous seasons, I will dislike every contestant. At first. Then a few will grow on me. And of course, Tim Gunn's presence will keep me watching until I warm up to some of the designers!

Randomness #2:

This quiz says I'm 49% Yankee -- more Yankee than I'd suppose after 23 years in Texas (and central Illinois, where I grew up, isn't all that Yankee, either). Iowa must be rubbing off on me, although soda will always be soda, not pop!

Randomness #3, and what passes for tonight's knitting content:

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

Nice Knitter. You would wear an acrylic puce pullover that comes to your knees, if someone knitted it for you. You manage to make lots of friends with your social skills, and often end up knitting things you don't like, for people you don't care about, because you don't stand up for yourself enough. Remember: knit for your own enjoyment, and have fun with all your many friends.
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Steven said...

(First comment crashed!)

I'm 70% dixie. I guess the first 11 years in the northwest weren't enough to touch-up my roots!

I'm admiring your stamina in your blog-a-day project. I've only squeeked out two entries in November, and the second was a chore.

Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a nice knitter, too. Believe me, I didn't see that coming.

Chris said...

Hmm: "Independent Knitter/ Designer. You knit what you like, with whatever you like, when you want. It's not important for you to follow trends, although you may create trends. More power to you!"