Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We got our first snow today, six months and one day after I moved to Iowa. I'm glad I got those mittens finished!

snowy backyard

This is my backyard, well-lit by the parking lot lights across the street. The reflections are on the little lake, which isn't frozen yet.

And here's my Texas car, probably wondering what happened to the nice cozy garage it used to live in!

snowy car

I suspect that my Minnesota friends will be more excited about this than I am....

* My grandmother was 100% German -- her mother had come to America as a teenager, as had both of her father's parents. However, her parents were determined that their children would not be "foreign," so German wasn't spoken at home. As a result, Grandma only knew a few words, and the two I remember learning from her were kartoffel (potato) and schnee (snow). Both of these words came in handy when I lived in Germany!


Anonymous said...


You got a lot more than I thought based on what you said earlier this evening. I was thinking just a dusting, but that's more than a dusting!

I hope your ice scraper is in your car! I have one in my car that could probably be classified as "vintage" since it's the one I brought with me when I moved here 10 and a half years ago!

Bezzie said...

And schnee doubles as a great word of exclamation for snow! I'm with you--I was like a little kid--and I was only deprived of one year's worth of snow. I don't know how you did so long w/out it! ;-)

Amysatx said...

Yay, snow! Hope you have fun! Will we see pics of you ice skating on the lake one of these days? How is Harley liking the cold?

Chris said...

It's snowing in Minneapolis right now!! It's lovely... through the window, watching May watching the snow...