Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TA DA!!!


Look! It's a mini-CD, no longer trapped in my iBook! I have no idea what's on it, but I'll bet it's not important.

My brother dug around on some message boards and found two messages suggesting the use of cardstock to retrieve mini-CDs from full-size slot-loading drives. One said that you could slide a card in the drive and trip the eject mechanism, while another said to fold the card and use it to snag the CD and pull it out.

So, I ripped a reply card out of the latest IK, folded it in half, and slid it into the drive. I inserted it and pulled it out four or five times before I heard a click and out popped the CD! Hurray!

Speaking of the latest IK, what do you think? There are a number patterns I like. I think my favorites are the Henley Perfected (which I really like!) and the Refined Aran Jacket. The Brushed Lace Cardigan also appeals to me -- I think it's the feather and fan detail. Not that I can actually imagine myself making any of those. Luckily, I also like the Celtic Tote, and I can see myself making it. And I think the Subway Mittens (no bonus photos, so scroll way down) and Kilim Gloves would come in handy (ha! no pun intended!) and the gloves might be a nice attempt at more complex colorwork.


Amysatx said...

Yay! For getting the CD out!! I'm with you on the Celtic tote and can hardly wait to get started!!

Chris said...

Yay!! So glad you got that cd out without having to take in the computer. Really, I remember the cd as being pointless unless you lost the paper documentation.

Bezzie said...

Way to go! But uhg, Honeywell...my new boss used to work for them. I like this winter's IK too. Lots of people seem to be turned off, but there's some decent patterns.

Steven said...

I just subscribed to Interweave Knits and got my first issue in the mail a few days ago. I liked this socks (can't remember the name) and the Celtic tote. I'm a sucker for cool cables!

AndreaLea said...

I'm not overly impressed with the winter IK. I do like that henley though.

Anonymous said...


I really like the new IK. I was very impressed with several of the patterns and hope to findt he time to make some.

Anonymous said...


I really liked the Celtic tote. Very awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much. I got a mini-cd stuck in my iBook, and a google search lead me to your site. Now I've got the cd out of my drive.

Thank you, thank you.