Monday, November 26, 2007

More on the Ear Flap Hat

I know, I know -- y'all are thinking "why is she obsessing over ear flap hats, when she has to finish the Honeybee Stole and she mentioned something about a pink hat for her niece?" Well, of COURSE I'm obsessed with something else, since I have deadline knitting to do!

Thanks for the suggestions. When I pulled out Last-Minute Knitted Gifts to look at the hat Mary suggested, I also pulled out Weekend Knitting, where I found the hat that I think I vaguely remembered, the Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet (Ravelry info here). I love the heart motif and all the little stripes and even the crochet edging, but, weirdly, it's knit flat! So -- I'm going to use the motif and stripes and apply them to one of the other patterns. And I think I'm going to try to use Cascade 220 from my stash, which, of course, isn't quite the right gauge.

But I cannot do this yet! Must work on Honeybee.....


Chris said...

LOL - I love reading about other's rationalizations and dawdling. Now, get back to Honeybee!

Anonymous said...

I keep wanting to chant "HoneyBEE! HoneyBEE! HoneyBEE!!!" You can DO IT!!!